AIFA 2022 is exploring the growing interactions existing between Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Art.
AIFA 2022 has a multidisciplinary profile and intends to address a wide range of topics of which both scholars and artists share point of views.
AIFA 2022 conference aims to reflect on AI and the future of Art including AI generated painting, AI painting style transfer, AI & Music, etc. In this emerging and hot topic, we expect papers exploring the relations between AI and Art from various points of view from using AI as a technology for art production to art production questioning the place of AI in our societies.
The topics include but are not limited to:
  • AI & Art from philosophical perspective
  • AI & Art from economical perspective
  • AI & Art from sociological perspective
  • AI & Art from legal perspective
  • AI & Art from ethical perspective
  • AI & Art from interdisciplinary perspective
  • Robot and Art
  • Music and AI
  • GAN and machine learning image generation
  • AI style transfer
  • Conceptual art and AI
Papers addressing also the following issues among others are welcome:
  • What is the role of AI as a tool for art creation in visual and performing arts?
  • What kind of AI technology is used and how it is used?
  • How AI as a technology becomes a material component of an artwork?
  • How AI utopias and dystopias influence today’s art production?
  • What role AI plays in the evolution of contemporary art?
  • Is AI a stronger vector of artistic crossdisciplinary?
  • How artists may inspire or trigger scientific and technological innovation in AI?
After careful reviews, the best accepted papers of AIFA 2022 will be published. Moreover, all best papers accepted papers will receive an acknowledgement prize.
The conference will hybrid, taking place online and at the AI & Art Pavilion space (CCH).


  • Full paper submission deadline: 30 September, 2022
  • Author notification: 10 October, 2022
  • Final paper submission deadline: 1 November, 2022
  • Artworks submission deadline:  30 September, 2022
  • Artists notification: 10 October, 2022