Opening talk

A short presentation to open our exhibition. This presentation will:


  • Give a short overview of AI and art
  • An overview of the role of robots
  • Explains the idea of the exhibition and its background


Exhibition 1: QT as an instrument


  • Similar to the Theremin, a musical instrument which can be controlled without any physical contact, in this demo, QT will serve as a music instrument.
  • Using gesture recognition, the robot will recognize the movements of the user who will be facing the robot.
    • The movements of the user will be translated into three dimensional coordinates
    • QT will play music like the Theremin by transforming the coordinates values into music
  • Based on QT’s emotion recognition capacities, the robot can also adjust the music depending on the mood or facial expression shown by the user.


Exhibition 2: AI and Art from Hangzhou

Ideally, we would like to have a local group from Hangzhou to have a similar work in our exhibition. This work can be on visual art (paintings, style transfer, etc.)